Episode 036 – Go Away and Stay Away, Attractions! (With Joey McGirr)

Episode: 036 – Go Away and Stay Away, Attractions! (With Joey McGirr)

Show Notes:

This week on the show, things are going away and possibly staying away… positive changes are happening with the show and I’m excited to talk about them with you. I also talk about some stuff in the news that are going away in the parks and two new ADDITIONS to the parks as well as a possible addition to Universal Orlando. I’ll talk about a survey with new name options for the upcoming renamed Hollywood Studios. I also give my initial review of Epcot’s International Food and Wine Festival before chatting with my buddy Joey McGirr about attractions that are gone and we hope never return…All before taking a ride on Test Track!

Guest Links:

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The Disney Hack Email

Music Used:

  • Michael Picher – Michael’s Website – (Intro/Outro)
  • Matt Greenholt – One Little Spark Cover
  • The Walt Disney Company – (Various Tracks)

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