Episode 040 – Magic and Memories

Episode: 040 – Magic and Memories

Show Notes:

Welcome to episode 40. This week on the show, Jingle Cruise News, Moana in park rumors, changes in Tomorrowland, Disney store changes, toy story land news, New test additions to Disneyland, Post hurricane theme park donation news, my adventures doing the Nacho Challenge at Peco’s Bills as well as the fun and busy Epcot 35th anniversary celebration. I also have returning guests back on the show to talk about the connection between Disney Magic and Memories… Stay Tuned!


Guest Links:

Joey McGirr:
The Disney Hack iTunes
The Disney Hack Facebook Page
The Disney Hack Website
The Disney Hack Instagram
The Disney Hack Twitter
The Disney Hack Email

Jennifer Galambos:
Jennifer’s Facebook Page
Fairy Tale Concierge Facebook Page
Email – jennifer

Music Used:

  • Michael Picher – Michael’s Website – (Intro/Outro)
  • Matt Greenholt – One Little Spark Cover
  • D-Metal (YouTube)
  • Tom Ameen
  • Blue Suede
  • The Walt Disney Company – (Various Tracks)

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