Episode 002 – Experimental Prototype

Episode: “Episode 002 – Experimental Prototype”

Show Notes:

  • We discuss ‘pluses’ to Epcot’s newest festival
  • New park entrance conveniences for Annual Passholders
  • Resort renovations
  • Rumors of a massive overhaul of Epcot
  • Epcot overhaul changes and discussion
  • Ride-through of Journey Into Imagination

Music Used:

Michael Picher – michaelpicher.bandcamp.com – (Intro/Outro)
The Walt Disney Company – (Numerous Tracks)

Episode 001 – All Aboard

Episode: “Episode 001 – All Aboard”

Show Notes:

  • We discuss alcohol being served at Magic Kingdom
  • A new annual festival addition to Epcot
  • Dining around property via monorail
  • Possibly a new nighttime parade?
  • We also visit the Magic Kingdom on New Years Eve for a stroll down main street before we hop aboard the Jingle Cruise

Music Used:

Michael Picher – michaelpicher.bandcamp.com

RIP Carrie Fisher

Episode: “RIP Carrie Fisher”

Show Notes:

Today, we learned the devastating news of the passing of the iconic Carrie Fisher, who is the actress most famous for playing Princess Leia in the Star Wars Saga.

Being a pretty big Star Wars fan, this came as a complete shock. We heard about her recent heart attack on a flight from London to Los Angelas but only read all was well afterwards and we were relieved.

With her recent role in Star Wars: Episode 7: The Force Awakens, we were looking forward to the next few movies with her in them as we enjoyed the nostalgic scenes with old characters such as hers making a franchise return.

Although the most recent appearance of Carrie Fisher’s Princess Leia character in Rogue One was CGI, the film makers did an incredible job on bringing her character to the screen back when we most fondly remember her. This appearance surely brought a smile to fan’s hearts as we all know and love her character.

With episode 8 on the horizon for a release next year, we’re hoping and expecting the film will be dedicated in her honor. We now wonder if Disney will pay tribute to her in any way, or perhaps finally introduce her as a Disney Princess, even though some fans already consider her one.

2016 has been a sad year in which a lot of celebrities have been taken from us, but learning that we lost Carrie Fisher earlier today, really got to us. Sci-fi fan or not, if you’ve never seen Star Wars, please pay tribute to this amazing actress by watching the series. You won’t be disappointed.

With that being said, rest in peace Carrie Fisher. May the force be with you!

– One Little Spark Podcast

Music Used:

Music used with permission by Tom Ameen from his album “Journey to the Stars” available now on iTunes and tomameenmusic.com

Surprise Christmas Episode! Available Now!

Episode: “Surprise Christmas Episode!”

Suprise! We are releasing a special show today. This isn’t our episode 001 just yet (Stay Tuned for a 1/1/2017 release) but we felt like releasing some holiday content before Christmas is over. So with that being said, enjoy!

Show Notes:

  • We listen to carolers around Disney Springs
  • We visit Disney Springs to check out the Christmas Tree Trail
  • Rich talks about their thoughts on the drone show

Music Used:

Tom Ameen – tomameenmusic.com
Michael Picher – michaelpicher.bandcamp.com